12 June 2010

This is me

I'm just an ordinary girl with a simple life
I'm not clever
I'm not pretty
I don't have any talent
I don't know how to make friends
I totally zero when it's about musics
I can become very mean sometimes
And I love to hide my tears

I'm the ugly duck
which hoping to become a beautiful swan
will my dreams come true?


bee aida said...

wah,erendah diri betul ina ni,eh ina suka makan macam kita lah,mesti gemok kan?hee gurau saje.cantik blog awak sebab ada bee. <33

Adi+Ina said...

bee aida:
thanx coz sudi lawat n puji my blog..hehehe..suke mkn jugak ea..wah2 kita serupa..hihi.. ;D

ieqa said...

nobody's perfect sygg :)