29 July 2011

- love me not love me -

It’s not easy to forgive & forget, because seeing the person who hurt you means scratching the scar & letting it bleed once more :)


Harimau Malaya
Walaupun kita kalah
Engkau tetap di hati
I'm proud to be Malaysian =D

27 July 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

‎ The memories that we create together will never be forgotten. The smile,the laugh and the cheers that we had,made the bond between us. Now,and forever after =)

‎"Friends are collection of hearts, ready to give, share and understand, it never fades and never ends, it only reminds us life is not perfect without a friend"

MSR 2011~

Gratisan Musik

05 July 2011

Apa yang kita sering lupa

Bekunya air mata dari kerasnya hati..
Kerasnya hati dari banyaknya dosa..
Banyaknya dosa dari lupanya mati..
Lupanya mati kerana terlalu cintakan dunia..

*Nurkilan seseorang. Not mine :D