21 March 2013

Inspiration and love

Lately, i have some crisis in myself, and it really make me feel down. To dreams of something that you might not be able to achieve and to realize that this might be the only opportunity for you to change your life is really a big frustration. This feeling is confusing and it hurt me as well, as i don't know how to express it and to whom should i share with. Being depressed for the past few days, not knowing what to do, thinking and keep on thinking, should i or shouldn't i?

Some flowers bloom late. Whatever we do in our life, bear in mind that every moment is a choice, so choose wisely
(Madam Saadiah, March 2013)

Whenever i feel really down and facing difficulties, ALLAH will help me and send some guidance. ALHAMDULLILAH Thank you ALLAH for such love.. This was said by a lecturer of mine, and her words really motivate me to take the next step without doubt. I will try my best no matter how hard it is. May ALLAH ease everything, insyaALLAH...

Please pray for me, dear friends :)

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Dear Yayien said...

Salam, ed..

Dalam hidup nie, ada benda yang kite boleh rancang dan jadi and sometimes kite plan and dream and tak jadi.. but trust me, apa saja cita-cita kita, jika itu yg terbaik Allah pasti akn permudahkan.. Doa and mintak pada-Nya. I know sometimes it might hurt ourself lagi2 bile benda tu byak halangan..InsyaAllah, ed yg penting jangan pernah sekali putus asa, sentiasa berusaha..Take care..